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“The concept clicked immediately. I guess one thing that appealed to us is that there is no effort on our part to get it up and running. It is all organised for us.”

Patrick O’Looney, Director of Operations for ‘All Our Bars’, a group of 29 pubs across South England.

  • Quite simply, One From Me gets people into your venue.
  • Venues pay nothing to participate, here’s how to get involved…
  • We're a mobile app that allows people to send a drink to their friends redeemable in a participating venue. For your customers it’s a way of saying, “Happy Birthday” “Job well done!” “Good Luck” and actually giving a gift in the form of a pint or a glass of wine!
  • On average for each drink redeemed an additional £40 will be spent by the ‘One From Me’ guest and their friends, times that by 10, 15 or even 20 people and that’s a huge amount of increased revenue!
  • FACT: 80% of ‘One From Me’ users who have redeemed a drink will return to the same pub/bar for a second visit.
  • Our users are urban, social, single, regularly drink and eat out, like casual dining, weekday drinks and have a high disposable income.

We pay you:

  • We pay you for each drink redeemed. 
  • You keep 100% of spend.
  • No setup charges, subscription fees or commission. 
  • No fixed term contract.
  • No hardware behind the bar or integration with the till.

How it works:

  • The recipient receives their digital drink gift, feels awesome, grabs their phone, finds their nearest ‘One From Me’ venue via the app, collects group of friends and heads down to redeem their gift (and begin their evening out).  

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