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Send a drink to a friend to have in a UK pub or bar.

A drink with friends is the best feeling in the world.

We want you to have more of those good times!! One From Me enables you to send a drink to a friend instantly, which they can redeem in any participating venue.

It costs £5 to send a drink. Your friend can then walk into a pub and choose any typical drink like a pint of lager, glass of wine, spirit and mixer or softie. Happy days indeed!

We think this is awesome and that you’ll agree it is better to say ‘thanks’, ‘sorry’, 'congrats’… or pretty much anything by sending One From Me.

  • Easily send a drink anytime for any reason.

    Wherever you are, now you can always celebrate with friends by sending them a drink (only available from the UK app stores). 

    Choose a Friend

    Choose any of your Facebook friends or someone from your phone address book and send a drink via the app, text or email for £5

    Add a Personal Message

    Write a message and add a pic or video. Send the message to them directly or post it on their Facebook wall.

  • Choose where to Drink.

    Receiving a drink means that you get the power of choice - of where to go and what drink to have.


    Your friend will immediately receive a notification that they have received a drink from you.

    Find a Venue

    Use the map see all the participating venues. The contact details for each venue and directions are all there.

  • Have a Drink, and say Cheers

    When you receive a drink, choose to redeem it for any normal pint, wine, spirit, soft drink, etc. in a participating venue.


    The bartender just needs to confirm your redemption via One From Me on your phone, and voila, your drink is served!

    Say “Cheers!”

    With every drink received, you can reply and say, “Cheers". Add a written message and pic or video to send back to your friend directly or post it on their Facebook wall.

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